Our selection of delicious cupcakes!

Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cream Filling, Classic Cream Icing, Topped with Hershey Piece and Ganache


Chocolate Cake, Classic Cream Filling, Ganache Icing and Signature Hostess Swirl

Southern Classic

Vanilla Cake, Chocoalte Buttercream Icing, Drizzled with Ganache

Black and White Tuxedo

Chocolate Cake, Classic Cream Filling, Cream Cheese Frosting, Topped with Ganache and Mini Chocolate Chips

Rocky Road

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cream Icing, Topped with Ganache, Walnuts and Marshmallows

Cookie Dough

Vanilla Cake, Classic Cream Filling, Buttercream Icing, Topped with Ganache, Mini Chocolate Chips and Cookie Dough Bites

Triple Chocolate Threat

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing, Drizzled with Ganache


Chocoalte Cake, Mint Buttercream Icing, Topped with Half Mint Cookie and Ganache

Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cake, Classic Cream Filling (colored), Colored Buttercream Icing, Topped with Birthday Sprinkles

Chocolate Lava Fudge

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Buttercream Icing, Topped with Chocolate Sprinkles

Strawberry Milkshake

Vanilla Cake, Classic Cream Filling, Strawberry Cream Icing, Topped with Course Sugar


Chocolate Cake, Nougat Filling, Caramel Buttercream, coated with Peanuts and topped with Half a Snickers

Moose Tracks

Vanilla Cake, Peanut Butter Cream Filling, Buttercream Icing with Crumbles of Peanut Butter Cup!

Lemon Raspberry

Vanilla Cake, Lemon Cream Fill and Raspberry Buttercream Icing


Other Gourmet Desserts

Eat Sweet, Be Kind!

Going beyond the southern sweets, The Sweet Shoppe of the South's heartfelt campaign "Eat Sweet, Be Kind", serves as the company's platform for anti-bullying. We Believe that God put us here to be a light for Him, to be an example of kindness, to lift one another up and spread smiles around like frosting. So many individuals are affected by bullying at some point in their lives, and we believe that promoting kindness can make a difference...one cupcake at a time. As you enjoy our made from scratch desserts, remember to Eat Sweet, Be Kind.

Where "made from scratch desserts" and "Southern Hospitality" are one in the same